Waterbores are our Business

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Our Drilling History

Lockyer Drilling and Consulting is a third generation drilling family. Having been initially established by John Dolley Snr who started drilling in 1934. John Snr had a gift of passing his extensive knowledge and experience on to a great many people including his sons.

John Snr was highly regarded in the drilling industry and had a wealth of knowledge and experience. He stood for doing the right thing and constructing bores the right way, taking on drilling bores that others would not drill or considered to difficult. During this time John and his sons completed a great many drilling programs including many town water supply bores and Large Diameter Irrigation bores. From drilling as far a field as Cairns and Cape York to New South Wales, Western Queensland and completing many bores on North Stradbroke Island. Including construction of Town Water Supply bores at Dunwich, Amity Pt and Point Lookout. In addition whilst drilling on the island completing numerous bores for Consolidated Rutile and ICI. What better way for John Jnr to get an apprenticeship. Now having drilled for 36 years he is passing that knowledge and extensive experience on to his son Alex.

Having passed away 2009 John Dolley Snr left a legacy behind of drilling holes the right way and standing up to protect that special resource Water.

Lockyer Drilling continues to do holes to right way, over and above the  minimum construction standard, to ensure you are getting the best job done the right way. Our mission is to protect all water bearing strata's from cross contamination, thus ensuring clean uncontaminated water for generations to come.

Our primary focus is Water Bores and developing better construction methods. We like to focus on Water Bore drilling for stock, domestic and irrigation supplies. We are preferred contractor and supplier to local and state government, having completed many Town Water Supply bore drilling Programs over the last 60 years.

We also have an extensive drilling resource library containing bore logs and history, and have access to the Department of Natural Resources for further drilling information.

Let us help you with your drilling requirements and advice, we offer competitive drilling rates and a range of drilling options and solutions.